Pest Control Database

If you are looking for information on bugs, such as

ants, roaches, and spiders, then you have

found the right place!

We offer detailed information on insects that are

found all over the United States, and especially on

pests located in Kansas and Missouri.

We also address health and sanitation concerns posed

by certain bugs and pests, such as rats and mice,

and offer tips on how to prevent them from entering

your home. In the end though, it is always best to

contact a trained professional such as Leavenworth

Pest Control to address your pest concerns.

Besides providing detailed information on ants,

Leavenworth PC also includes tips on how to tell

the difference between an ant and termite alates.

(It is sometimes hard to tell the difference)

Alates (also known as SWARMERS) are what

these insects are referred to when in the winged

reproductive stage.

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