General Pest Control

LV PC knows that you want to live in a safe and comfortable home. One thing that means is no bugs bothering you. Our purpose is to ensure that your house is as bug-free as possible. We can inspect and recommend a service if that is what you desire. From this web site, there is enough information for you to determine what you want even before calling us. We do inside and outside the house. No lawn care services are available. Official and courtesy inspections are offered, though we no longer do termite treatments. Call for further information about a termite problem.

We provide relief from ants, roaches, lady bugs, millipedes, mites, roly-polies, spiders, beetles, meal moths, fleas, flies, gnats, silverfish, to mention a few. Essentially, if the insect can be a problem inside the house, we can eliminate the pest. LV P C is not certified to deal with outdoor pests, such as squirrels or skunks, which are considered wildlife. We are not certified in this area. We would be happy to provide a phone number for a company that can help you. We do not deal with many situations outside the house. Call and ask about your particular circumstance.

Partial Service

LV PC can tailor a partial treatment to one specific area, for example, the kitchen or the basement only. (Mention this web page for a $10 discount.)

Whole House

The complete structure is treated; top to bottom, inside and out. The target is every common insect. This comes with a three-month warranty. If a second application during the warranty period is necessary, a return fee is charged. For customers interested in a regular, periodic service, special discounts are available. Prices are contingent on the size of the house. Call for details. (Mention this web page and receive a discount of $ 10 on the initial treatment.)

GOLD Package

This is a one-year service. It is the ultimate protection giving you complete peace-of-mind with total pest control. The initial treatment is a complete application with inspection of the premises. Every area of the house is treated along with any special problems. A granular chemical is spread on the lawn about ten feet wide from the house. A liquid chemical is applied to the footing of the foundation. Three subsequent visits are then made throughout the year to treat the house.

A courtesy inspection is available. The purpose is to have peace-of-mind. An official, State recognized inspection is available and includes appropriate paperwork.